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What if I have to arrive late, leave early, or even miss a day?
You may, if necessary, miss a day, leave early or arrive late. We discourage missing any days, as it impacts team and group activities. It also hinders the development of the player missing valuable camp instruction. However, we understand that sometimes you are unable to make it to the first day of camp. If this is the case, you have the option to sign up for camp for a pro-rated rate.
How do I enroll?
You may sign up on the web-site if you wish to use a credit card. You can also fill out the Registration Form and send in a Money Order or Check to our P.O. Box address. You can also call our 24 hour hotline and enroll over the phone (213) 725-3555.
Can I walk in and register on the spot?
Yes, but this does not guarantee you a spot. It is better to register in advance. Our camps fill up quickly!
What is a typical day like?
Competitive Basketball activities in an instructional environment: Teaching Stations, Lectures, Contests, Competitions, Games, and Individual instruction.
What should I bring?
Come ready to play....shorts, shirts and basketball shoes. You may bring a gym bag/knapsack with an extra T-shirt, towel, etc. You may bring water, or sign-up for camp snacks by making a deposit in the camp bank during camp check-in on the first day of camp.
How are campers grouped?
There are three age classifications: The Big West, Pac-10, and the NBA. The eldest, most experienced players are placed in the NBA, the youngest campers play in the Big West, everyone else plays in the Pac-10. Monday morning campers are grouped accordingly- by size, age, and ability.
How do camp snacks work?
Campers may bring their own snacks or purchase snacks from the camp snack shop. The shop offers cold water and Gatorade, and camp snacks such as Chewy Granola Bars and Fruit by the Foot.
How does the camp bank work?
Upon check-in/arrival on Monday morning, you will be asked if you want to deposit any money to start an account. Whatever amount you wish to deposit will be the amount of credit you have in the bank. At the end of camp, any unspent money will be returned to you in full. This is an optional program, but it is highly recommended that campers do not carry cash.